plant care

Plants don’t like to have their “feet wet”. When roots sit in water for too long, plants can develop root rot. To ensure you properly re-pot your plant into its new home, kindly review following guide.

If you wish, you can keep your plant in its original pot and place it inside your new planter. Kindly reference the planter dimensions on the product pages for more information.

(A) Ensure you spread a thorough layer of pebbles, stones (1cm length) to create a drainage layer. The amount depends on the length of your plant root. Shorter plants will require thicker drainage layers to compensate for additional space.

(B) Spread your first layer of soil, ensure you cover at least 1-2 inches over the pebbles prior to adding your plant and lightly press down on the soil.

(C) Place your plant in the planter. Once you secure and centre your plant, begin adding soil around the plant and press lightly.

(D) Add the final layer of soil and cover enough of the plant based on its root care instructions.

(E) Time to water. Please follow your plant’s unique watering guide to ensure you don’t overwater your plant.